Ashridge Engineering

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Ashridge Engineering was started in 1975 by Pat Tann, designing and manufacturing pressure overload devices and water detectors. Alan Orchard, current MD, joined Pat in 1988 from KDG Instruments. As the company grew, and now under Alan’s leadership, Ashridge developed their own level and pressure transmitters and digital indicators. In 1992, Ashridge were offered an opportunity to develop an electronic winding temperature indicator, (WTI), for the protection of substation transformers, and the Ashridge 852 Plus WTI was subsequently National Grid approved in 1999 and in 2000 was awarded National Grid approval for unrestricted use on Super Grid substations.

In 1993, Chuck Lancaster and his company Pressure Sensors Ltd joined Ashridge Engineering. This enabled Ashridge to manufacture their own range of pressure sensing elements.

Ashridge continued to grow throughout the years in a variety of industries and Worldwide, with the introduction of a number of new products, such as manual and SMS/GPRS dataloggers, a mains water burst predictive system, ATEX approved products and many other customer led solutions.

In 2008, Ashridge embarked on their first KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) with a leading University, underlining the company’s commitment to research and development and innovation.

Today, Ashridge Engineering continues to be awarded major contracts in a variety of industries; designing and manufacturing specialist probes to improve the nuclear waste handling facility at a major nuclear power station, the supply of hundreds of burst detection systems and data logging products to major water companies, specialist depth switches in support of the MoD defence strategy, a range of special sensors for use with Network Rail and London Underground and Winding Temperature Indicators in the UK, Europe, South America, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, China, where growth has outstripped all our expectations.