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Liquid Level Measurement

Ashridge Engineering’s systems for unattended, long-term monitoring of water level and flow provide unmatched versatility and reliability. Our systems measure flow and level in many environments including wells, dams, streams, weirs, stormwater systems, and water treatment or wastewater treatment plants. Reliability is not compromised by salinity level, pollution levels, or other harsh environmental conditions. Key components of our water level measurement systems are dataloggers, sensors, and communications devices, which can be customized for each site.

A common use for pressure sensors is for liquid level monitoring, using a transducer at the bottom of a tank. The liquid height above the sensor produces a pressure, compared to the ambient atmospheric pressure on the ‘dry’ or reference side of the sensor. As long as the density of the liquid is known, this pressure can be used to compute the liquid level in the tank.

Ashridge Engineering use the latest electron beam welding techniques and the well proven capsule/LVDT principle of pressure measurement to provide high quality, robust sensors. The Ashridge range of pressure measurement products, measure the displacement of a ferritic core, which is in turn attached to the capsule or diaphragm. This provides a much more robust system than strain gauge based pressure measurement and has much higher overload protection, which makes for a higher reliability product all round.

Many of our sensors are now installed measuring level in tanks, sumps, reservoirs, boreholes and similar applications where accurate level measurement of a fluid is required. The choice of the sensor and system design needs to involve consideration of the application itself, the environmental influences on the sensor, and the maintenance and operation of the sensor in the field, to optimise the solution, at the best price. We at Ashridge Engineering have taken all these considerations into account in the development of our range of water level measurement products.