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Investing in the future – listening to our customers

To remain a market leader in the provision of instrumentation, keeping on top of technological developments is vital. Ashridge is active in the academic and industrial arenas, giving researchers and clients key roles in any new developments. Every product we sell has been developed in response to an identified market need. Most were created in close consultation with clients.

Academic relationships
Ashridge Engineering was a primary shareholder in the EMC Network (South West) in North Devon. This is a UKAS accredited facility with direct links to Exeter University for EMC advice, training and consultancy and was founded in response to EMC regulations. This facility has provided Ashridge Engineering an invaluable insight into the fundamental problems associated with Electromagnetic Compatibility and has allowed the company to provide high immunity designs, which fully meet and exceed the regulatory requirements. Ashridge also has links with other leading Universities, who provide consultancy on many of our projects. More recently Ashridge has completed a KTP, (Knowledge Transfer Partnership). A KTP provides academic institutions with the opportunity to apply knowledge and expertise to industry. This underlines the company’s commitment to continuous involvement in R&D, our willingness to invest in our future and re-enforces our links to the academic community.

Embedded software design
Ashridge has become a specialist developer of embedded software design (firmware). All of our products incorporate firmware to drive the product, organise and file the data stored and control processes to optimise the use of the device. This includes getting the longest possible life out of our battery powered devices, responding to button presses on keyboard based products and providing a number of input/output choices for customer interaction.

Specialist design and manufacture of capsule and diaphragm for pressure transmitters/switches etc
Ashridge Engineering Ltd has incorporated the Pressure Sensors Ltd range of custom capsule and diaphragm design and manufacture into our standard offering. This allows us to offer the specialist design and manufacturing capability for pressure and level applications from mm of water gauge through to 120BarA, including Barometric ranges and the use of exotic metals using Electron Beam welders and Mass Spectrometer leak detection equipment for production

Design Heritage
Ashridge has led the way in level, flow and temperature measurement solutions since 1975. Why do clients choose Ashridge to supply their control equipment? It could be any number of the following reasons…

Setting new standards
In 1988, Ashridge – already 14 years old – was supplying pressure, level and flow instruments from a variety of third-party distributors. But it was becoming apparent that many products were falling short of the high standards that clients expected. By 1989 our team was drawing up the specifications for own-branded equipment, which would meet the very highest quality standards. This was a major landmark – not just for Ashridge, but for our clients all over the world

Specialised solutions
Since 1989 we have continued developing specialised and unique solutions for some of the world’s biggest firms. Our research team has developed a Winding Temperature Controller for supergrid substations, current measuring sensors for the rail networks, burst water main detection systems for the major water utilities, data loggers with specific customer requirements such as pulse interval timing, etc and more products in Europe, Australia, and Asia. Today our in-house engineers work closely with companies all over the world to meet their needs.

Testing, testing, and more testing
Ashridge partially sponsored a new start-up South West testing and research centre in North Devon. Consulting with leading academics in the South West allows our team to harness the latest technology and provide innovative solutions. Extensive in-house test facilities allows full pre-compliance testing before approvals are obtained, providing fast product introduction. Stringent testing ensures our products lead the market for performance and reliability.

Tried and tested
Our products are designed for reliability, but also for ease of use – we’ve always felt it vital to look after the end users, too. Whether you’re ordering data loggers, WTI’s or pressure transmitters, you’ll find they’re simple to operate and clear to view. After all, most operating staff don’t have time for a sixty-page instruction manual: they need instruments that serve a purpose and save them time.

Meeting your needs
If you cannot find the product you are looking for on our website, please get in touch. We are always pleased to discuss customised solutions, and our team of developers is experienced enough to interpret and deliver you a cost effective solution.