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Capacitance Probes and Switches

The Series CP4 capacitance probe is a sensor which allows continuous measurement and detection of level and all liquids and oil/water interface measurements.

The probe offers point switching liquids, granules, powders and oil/water interface, with high sensitivity.

Milk/water and milk/caustic interface options are available housed in plastic enclosures to allow for the caustic environments encountered in many sites.

The use of high quality materials such as 316 stainless steel and PTFE ensure corrosion free operation and diminishes compatibility problems.

Measurement sensitivity is user selectable and allows a very reliable oil/water interface on low sensitivity to fine powders or polystyrene granules on the high sensitivity range.

Calibration is easy and can be carried out on site using LED’s to indicate the zero and span positions. Wide range power supply covers 20 – 265V AC or DC.