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Data Loggers

Our range of data loggers are rugged, waterproof, (IP68) devices with long battery life. With a choice of remote telemetry (SMS/GPRS) or manual transmission of data, combined with flexible logging, downloads and windowed schedules, provides you with a solution specific to your needs.

Data Loggers with Remote Data Collection (SMS/GPRS)
The Textlog range of data loggers offers cost effective data collection remotely from site to support your leakage management, remote tank monitoring, strategic network performance/modelling and many other applications.

Our flexible range allows the collection of flow, pressure and temperature data which can be transmitted via GPRS or SMS text message to a pre-determined server location.  Every logger comes complete with SmartChart PC viewing software.

Alternatively, data can be viewed simply and quickly via SmartChart Web: Ashridge’s graphical viewing platform.

In addition to interfacing to all pulse output water meters, the Textlog can directly access the register of compatible smart meters. This allows high accuracy meter readings for AMR / billing purposes.

Set-up and local collection of data can be carried out using Ashridge’s software using an Infra-Red communications lead.

SMS commands can be sent directly to the Textlog to obtain status reports on the users mobile phone and change measurement parameters.

Innovative use of state of the art components means that data can be recovered from damaged devices or Textlogs with low or no battery life.

Data Loggers with Manual Data Collection
Flo-Log® (previously NFR) is designed to collect pulse data from up to two water meters.  Flo-Log displays and logs the accumulated total flow, daily total flows, minimum logged flow value within the 24 hour period and also allows the user to select a “window” for measurement within each 24 hour period.

This “window” is commonly used to produce a flow summary for night-line totals.

The Flo-Log® has a display for onsite verification of flow data via the LCD and can be downloaded and viewed using Ashridge’s SmartChart® software.

Data Loggers with Temperature Logging
Textlog Multi can be combined with our temperature sensors, allowing the flexibility to monitor up to 2 flow, up to 2 pressure and up to 3 temperature parameters simultaneously.

Data Loggers with Rain Gauge
Textlog Multi may also be connected to a rain gauge to allow remote monitoring of rainfall.  Every 0.2mm of rainfall is measured and logged and is easily viewed using Ashridge’s PC SmartChart software.

Data Loggers with Level and Pressure Sensors (9K range)
Textlog Analogue can be used along side our 9k range of level and pressure sensors to provide remote level and pressure data, which can be easily viewed using Ashridge’s PC SmartChart software.