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Hydroguard – Trunk Main Monitoring

Developed in conjunction with a major water company, Hydroguard® measures, records and transmits flow, pressure and noise data to provide high integrity monitoring and protection for water trunk and transfer mains.

Sophisticated algorithms are used to compress flow, pressure and noise data for transmission by SMS and GPRS. Following post processing analysis of the incoming data, the Hydroguard determines the failed asset and identifies the shuttable section. A verification test feature has been included within the software to allow full testing to be conducted at water control centres via water company real time processing systems.

The use of a robust, highly sensitive noise sensor, with no moving parts, provides a signal with maximum immunity from background noise using techniques developed by Ashridge Engineering. The external accelerometer can be used in situ by 3rd party correlators therefore maximising the use of the sensors.

Other features include:
* Battery or mains option
* Flexible logging and transmission periods
* Remotely configurable
* SMS or GPRS transmission
* Compatible with SmartChart Web – Ashridge’s graphical viewing package