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PR2 Valve Controller

Ashridge Engineering has launched a new and dynamic PRV Controller.

Designed and manufactured in-house by Ashridge this controller is a fully integrated GSM/SMS/GPRS device, which controls the output of a pressure regulating valve, according to preset values.

Alternatively this high quality controller can be used to control latching irrigation solenoid valves, providing a very long battery life and reliable operation, a feature not normally available from other types.  Together with the remote GSM operation the PR2 controller is an ideal unit to provide flexible crop irrigation without the need to continually visit each controller to change settings.

This first controller is a time based model and will eventually form part of a suite of controllers. Features are as follows:

  • 8 time periods
  • Auto daylight saving
  • GSM option, allowing remote changing of times
  • Float switch operation (reservoir filling)
  • Backlit LCD display
  • External battery option
  • Push button set up – no PC required

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