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SmartChart Software

SmartChart® is Ashridge Engineering’s intuitive and simple to use graphical software solution designed for use with data logging products.

SmartChart® Starter is provided as part of a starter kit with all loggers, allowing data viewing and printing of up to 3 data series.

An upgrade to SmartChart® Pro is available, providing increased capabilities such as report generation, trend lines, merging of graphs to allow easy analysis of multiple loggers/sites on a common axis.

SmartChart® Web Option
SmartChart® Web is Ashridge Engineering’s hosted data service, providing a secure platform for viewing and analysing data for Ashridge Engineering’s data logging products.

SmartChart® Web features a comprehensive suite of options, and enables fast and reliable data to numerous users without geographical and other complex infrastructure restrictions.

SmartChart® Web is now available for Hydroguard and data loggers.