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Water Detectors

The Series 100 Electronic Water Detector has been designed to detect and measure the depth of water accumulating beneath Furnace Fuel Oil and Diesel in storage tanks typically on naval vessels and other containers.

Operating on the conductivity principle, the control unit box contains the battery, the electronic circuit and sounder. The probe and its cable are connected to the box via a connector located on the uppermost surface of the box.

A power switch is not required as no current is drawn from the battery when probe is clear of a conductive fluid. There are no hazardous voltages at the probe and current is limited to safe levels.

In use, the cable is unwound from the box handle and the probe lowered into the tank or container. Should the probe come into contact with water, a clear audible tone will be emitted from the sounder. If the probe is allowed to rest on the bottom of the tank, and then slowly raised until the alarm ceases, an indication of the depth of water below the fuel may be gauged by the amount of cable withdrawn from the tank.

Periodically, and particularly when water is not detected where it might be expected, the functionality of the unit should be confirmed by dipping the probe into a cup of tapwater and checking that the sounder operates. When not in use the cable is wound around the shaped handle and the probe placed in the chamber on the side of the unit.